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Millions of people swear by cupping for relieving pain & inflammation. But believe it or not, there’s actually been a healthy amount of evidence around exactly how cupping works. Here’s what we know. Cupping produces a negative pressure in your underlying tissues (fascia & Muscle) this pressure brings
bood and immune cells to the area (hyperemia) which improves circulation and promotes healing. In addition, when muscles are in spasm, they can actually block your blood from flowing through your capillaries. Tiny clots can form throughout the capillary system. The application of negative pressure through cupping pulls some of these micro-clots to the surface. This can cause some superficial bruising, yet allows for better circulation and the relaxation of your muscles.

Yet tight muscles are not the only issues that responds to cups. One randomized control study , recently reported in the “Journal of Pain” showed that cupping helped improve CARPAL TUNNEL syndrome, a problem related to tendons, and nerves in the wrists. Postherpetic neuralgia ( SHINGLES), also seems to respond well to cupping. In addition Orthopedic syndromes all over the body, Knees, hips, shoulders and back can benefit easily with Cupping. Another supreme benefit is in the application of cups for improving the “LIFT”, one can achieve with Facial muscles, particularly In the neck and Jowell areas!! In this case less pressure is involved, and will not cause any bruising or redness.

What is Lymphobiology®?

The lymphatic system removes waste materials and excess fluids from the body. In 1936, a lymphatic drainage massage was developed to help stimulate the lymphatic system. The manual method is widely recognized in Europe by both the medical and esthetic professions.

Today, ATZEN has been pioneering the new science of Lymphobiology in skin care. This modern treatment method works up to eight times faster than the manual method. Lymphobiology combines a lymphatic drainage massage using the LymphMedR device with the application of Integral DNA® Lymphobiology is recommended for the prevention and improvement of many common skin conditions.

Sagging, Wrinkled, or Sun Damaged Skin

Before                                    After 10 Sessions

Frequently Asked Question

How soon will I see results?
Results are visible after the first session. On the face wrinkles, radiant complexion, and refined skin tone. On the body – a feeling of lightness and reduced swelling of the legs.

What does the treatment feel like?
A Lymphobiology treatment is relaxing and enjoyable. You will feel gentle, rhythmic massage movements.

How often should I have treatments?
For long lasting results, a series of ten 6 to 25-minute sessions is commonly recommended. Consult your esthetician for a program specifically suited to your needs.

Is it safe?
Yes, Lymphobiology® is safe, natural, and healthy. It does not stimulate the muscles or send electrical current through the skin.

Medical research:
ATZEN Lymphobiology® has been tested by physicians and surgeons. A double blind study demonstrating the outstanding benefits of the ATZEN Lymphobiology treatments has been published by W.B. Saunders, Dec. 1999, Vol 2 (No. 4) pp. 214-216.


Before                                             After 10 Sessions

Bruising, Swelling, and Scars

1 Day After Eye & Nose Surgery    7 Days After Surgery


Forever The Gift Of Beautiful Skintm
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Your skincare professional uses the ATZEN Biologique products exclu- sively during each Lymphobiology session.

To maximize and maintain your professional results, your spa professional will establish a home maintenance program for you. A 12-day or 24 – day home treatment of ATZEN Integral DNA biological extracts is recom- mended in addition to your daily ATZEN skin care program.

The ATZEN Biologique products are formulated and manufactured in France. They are natural, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, allergy-tested, and simple to use. ATZEN products are not tested on animals. They are non- comedogenic and contain no mineral oil, lanolin, or petrolatum.

Available exclusively through licensed professionals:


An exclusive treatment that combines a unique lymphatic drainage massage and the application of biological products to dramatically improve your skin condition. The most relaxing and pleasurable skin treatment you will ever experience.

Lymphobiology can help:

• Provide a healthy, radiant glow
• Restore hydration
• Minimize lines and wrinkles • Balance oily or dry skin
• Control acne
• Reduce cellulite
• Correct post-surgical bruising and swelling


Acupuncture treats many other kinds of dysfunction besides pain. Women’s health issues, menopause, peri & post, PMS, fertility, migraines, weight loss, digestive symptoms, IBS etc. Many organ differentiations can be diagnosed with Chinese Medicine. A functional approach to maintaining wellness without pharmaceutical drugs is a very real option. And one without side effects.


90 min . . . $110
May include modalities of cupping or electrostimulation. w /Erchonia Laser. . . $30

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