Facial Benefits


An exclusive treatment that combines a unique lymphatic drainage massage and the application of biological products to dramatically improve your skin condition. The most relaxing and pleasurable skin treatment you will ever experience.

Lymphobiology can help:

• Provide a healthy, radiant glow
• Restore hydration
• Minimize lines and wrinkles • Balance oily or dry skin
• Control acne
• Reduce cellulite
• Correct post-surgical bruising and swelling

Lymphobiology Packages

(Single Sessions)
6 Sessions for $475

Neck & Shoulders     $95
Breast & Axillary        $95
Lower Torso & Thigh  $95


Acupuncture treats many other kinds of dysfunction besides pain. Women’s health issues, menopause, peri & post, PMS, fertility, migraines, weight loss, digestive symptoms, IBS etc. Many organ differentiations can be diagnosed with Chinese Medicine. A functional approach to maintaining wellness without pharmaceutical drugs is a very real option. And one without side effects.


90 min . . . $110
May include modalities of cupping or electrostimulation. w /Erchonia Laser. . . $30

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