Having learned Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cera Lynn has taken an eclectic approach to Acupuncture.  Her experience with Japanese needling techniques, shiatsu, and Dr. Tan’s Balancing methods have given her a selection of choices for individual needs.  Some of us have different responses to healing techniques and Cera’s intuitive approach brings fruitful results.

What is Oriental Medicine?

Acupuncture is a different paradigm of medicine.  Nature and elemental theory merge to diagnose and treat chronic and acute illnesses.  In addition, TCM maintains optimum health in those individuals who actively wish to prevent disease.

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Qi or the “Life Force” flows through a network of twelve major pathways or “meridians.”  These correspond to specific organs, such as the heart, spleen, liver, etc.  Along these meridians are specific acupuncture points which affect the corresponding organ system.  These points are also used to treat different conditions of disease. When the acupuncture needles are inserted into these specific points, the meridians are opened to allow the “qi” to flow properly, thus restoring health by balancing and harmonizing the energy to the organs.

Acupuncture – example

Acupuncture – example

Cupping Modality - example

Cupping Modality – example

What Medical Conditions Can Oriental Medicine Treat?In China, acupuncture is used for most conditions of dysfunction as well as being an adjunctive treatment for cancer patients.  Degenerative diseases are improved; as well as speeding the healing time for post-surgicial procedures.

Colds & Flu – Bronchitis – Hepatitis

Asthma – Diabetes – Colitis – Constipation – Diarrhea – Indigestion – Hemorrhoids – High Blood Pressure – Weight Loss

Tinnitis – Sore Throat – Allergies – Sinusitis – Ear Infections

Arthritis – Low Back Pain – Sciatica – Tendonitis – Stiff Neck – TMJ – Carpal Tunnel – Sports injuries – Sprains & Strains

Difficult Urination – Prostate – Impotence – Infertility – PMS – Morning Sickness – Irregular Menstruation – Menopause

Chronic Fatigue – Lupus – Fibromyalgia

Alcohol – Cigarettes – Drugs – Tranquilizers



Acupuncture treats many other kinds of dysfunction besides pain. Women’s health issues, menopause, peri & post, PMS, fertility, migraines, weight loss, digestive symptoms, IBS etc. Many organ differentiations can be diagnosed with Chinese Medicine.  A functional approach to maintaining wellness without pharmaceutical drugs is a very real option.  And it is an approach without side effects

Initial Session w/ Diagnosis
Acupuncture Sessions
60-90 min
With bodywork
*May include modalities of cupping or electro- stimulation & Tui Na/w acupressure



Cera takes an integrative approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine and utilizes her nutritional background to balance and optimize one’s overall health.  After a comprehensive evaluation, we discuss your lifestyle, needs, and goals.  Your general health is analyzed and from that a plan of treatment is chosen.  This may include Herbs or Aromatherapy and Supplements, in addition to dietary considerations.The goal in this approach is in helping one maintain balance in all areas of life: physical, mental and emotional.  The icing on the cake is radiance or glowing “Shen.”

Most Comprehensive Intake
120 min
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